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The player perspective

All players get a login code through their mail. They use it to sign in to their account through our app or website.

That gives them access to their target whom to catch in real life, the rules and a scoreboard.

If they catch their target they register it by entering a code, given to them by the target as they press their 'I was caught' button.


The game host

The game host overlooks the whole game from a control panel. They activate game changing twists and set the rules.

When signing in, the game host is taken through a step by step process of setting up a game of Catchergames.

After setting the rules and settings pre-game, the game host pays and starts the game.

Card payment is done by the game host

Pricing information

Standard pricing

20 sek/player

~$2.18 US

Student pricing*

50% off

10 sek/player

Test round


Max 10 players

*No identification required, easy process

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Södra Latins Elevkår - Student union
"We are very happy with how this system has worked. We have earlier used sheets of paper to manage similar games, and this digitalized system makes the whole game more effective and, all in all, better. It has made all the students more excited about the game, and it has also simplified the game for us as organizers, as well as for the players. The contact with the Catchergames Team was great and when we had any errors, they solved it rapidly. The special game functions in the game were very fun and useful. Through this system, it was also easy to reach out to all the Catchers, which was great. All in all, a great system!"
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VRG Odenplans Elevkår - Student union
"Catchergames is one of our larger events during the school year. It engages a lot of our members. Thus, we think this system has been great, as it works like a charm and feels very professional. For us organizers, as well as for the playing members, the website has been clear and it has been easy to manage the game. It has also been very entertaining to be able to use the special game functions that are available for us organizers to enable. This has made the game even more exciting! The support team at Catchergames has also been good, with quick resolving of minor errors. Would recommend!"
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Everyone plays Catchergames a little differently

Some past used rules

High School

Stockholm, Sweden

The game

Every player gets a login code to the game.

Every player gets their own target among the other players in the lobby.

The goal is to catch your target by shouting "catcher" from a 5 metre distance and grabbing their shoulders.

Once you've caught your target, you register the catch online.

The player that was caught will the be eliminated from the game and the catcher gets a point.

How do i defend myself?

Grab another person before your catcher touches you.

By leaving the school building through any of the main exits.

Reach any of the safe zones.

Safe Zones

The restroom areas.


The cafeteria.

The library.

The entire building in emergency situations.


You are not allowed to leave the building through any windows and similar.

It is strictly prohibited to take use of any violence in the game.

If you try to catch your target but fail, you are not allowed to try again for another 30 minutes.

Validating any of the rules leads to immediate and permanent disqualification.

You can email us any questions to


Kick off

Gothenburg, Sweden

The game

The goal is to get as many points as possible without being eliminated.

All players must have a pen behind their ear at all time.

You are assigned a target when you sign in with your code.

To catch your target you have to take their pen, put it behind your own ear and say catch.

If you succeed, you both sign in to Catchergames and register the catch by pressing I caught my target and I was caught.

You will then get a point and be assigned a new target.

The game will be ended at the end of the kick off and the player with the most points will be announced the winner!

How do i defend myself?

You can defend yourself from a catch by grabbing another person's hand before your catcher says catch.

You can not be caught if you are in a safe zone (you may temporarily remove your pen whilst being in a safe zone).

Safe zones

Restroom areas

The lunch area


If you fail to catch your target, you may not try again for another 30 minutes.

Don't trust anyone! You can be anyone's target.

At the end of the day, the game will end and the player with the most points will win!